Spanish – Spanish course for companies

Spanish – Spanish course for companies

Spanish course for companies Strasbourg

About this course

Spanish – Spanish course for companies



Spanish course for companies in Strasbourg, all levels. Our goal is to help you learn Spanish! The Spanish Language School of the University of Salamanca in Strasbourg, world reference in teaching Spanish.







ELE USAL Strasbourg Spanish Language Institute offers Spanish lessons for companies and for private lessons.



Knowledge of languages is a fundamental element in the field of training for companies and institutions. The intensification of international contacts throughout social and professional activity means that those responsible for training or human resources and individuals need practical, effective and definitive solutions to focus their training programs on languages.



Spanish language courses can focus on specific needs: Spanish for business, legal, tourism, translation, DELE preparation…. (depending on the interests of the company and/or worker).






These are à la carte and tailor-made courses that meet your learning needs and requirements. Classes usually take place in our Strasbourg center but the teacher can also come to your premises or to your home.


The schedules are flexible and since you establish your calendar with our center.



The objectives of the course are established according to your needs and after evaluation of your level of Spanish.





Study programme



As a first step, a linguistic audit will be carried out, analyzing and studying all the data provided by the company to determine the linguistic needs. Thereafter, there will be an individual level test which will determine the knowledge of each participant. Once these two phases have been completed, homogeneous study groups will be formed.



You don’t know what your level is? You can try our level test ou write us so that we can give you a free evaluation.





If several of your employees are interested in registering for open group lessons, please contact us so that we can offer you the best service at the best price.



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The material used in the corporate programs will be determined according to the needs of each of the groups, always according to our methodology.






– Attendance report: Attendance reports will be provided monthly to ensure proper follow-up of the course.


– Final report and certificate of the course: At the end of the course will be prepared a report in which all the acquired knowledge will be specified, as well as an evaluation of the aptitudes of each person. A diploma will be issued specifying the number of course hours received and the level attained.



The schedules adapt to you, just contact us to set up a calendar according to your availability.
  • 15 hours course (1-2 students)

    210 € / student
  • 15 hours course (1-2 students)

    € 155 / student
  • 20 hours course (1 - 2 students)

    280 € / student
  • 20 hour course (3 + students)

    210 € / student