Instituto Cervantes extends CCSE calls from six to twelve

The Cervantes Institute increases from six to twelve the number of calls for CCSE tests (constitutional and socio-cultural knowledge of Spain) during the months of May to November 2020, in order to compensate for the cancellation of the tests in March and April in because of the coronavirus crisis.
The second Thursday in May, June, July, September, October and November of this year will take place the six extraordinary calls, in addition to the ordinary calls already scheduled in the usual calendar (which takes place on the last Thursday of these months).
This is envisaged in the resolution approved by the Cervantes Institute on Friday March 20, 2020, which establishes the cancellation of the CCSE calls for March and April (cancellation reported on March 17) due to the implementation of emergency measures to fight Covid-19 in different countries.
The dates of the written tests and the periods of registration for the special calls of the CCSE for the year 2020 are specified below:


  • May 14, with registration period until April 23 (in addition to May 28).
  • June 11, with registration until May 21 (in addition to June 25).
  • July 9, with registration until June 18 (in addition to July 30).
  • September 10, with registration until August 20 (in addition to September 24).
  • October 8, with registration until September 17 (in addition to October 29).
  • November 12, with registration until October 22 (in addition to November 26).
This reinforcement with two calls per month to the CCSE tests (which the candidates must overcome to obtain Spanish nationality by residence) will be maintained as long as the circumstances of the advance of the pandemic allow it.
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