Diana Bravo


Hi! I am Diana Bravo, the new Director of ELE USAL Strasbourg, and this is my story …



  • Ph.D. Études Hispaniques. Université de Montreal.
  • ELE examiner accreditation.
  • Intercultural education. Multilingüismo y Diversidad Cultural, Intercultural / multicultural studies and the study of diversity. Universidad de Granada.
  • Master 2, Diversity, contacts, linguistic and cultural exchanges. University of Strasbourg.
  • Master 1, European Plurilingualism and Interculturality. Diversity, contacts, linguistic and cultural exchanges.



  • Charged of courses. Université de Montreal – Spanish-French Translation 1, Spanish Level A2, French-Spanish Translation, Introduction to French-Spanish Translation.
  • Trainer of Spanish courses for companies. Montreal university.
  • Charged of courses. University of Montreal – Spanish level A2 at the University Language Center.
  • Spanish lecturer. University of Strasbourg.
  • Spanish tutor. University of Strasbourg.
  • Spanish trainer. Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Alsace Region – Strasbourg.
  • Spanish teacher. Le Gymnase – Strasbourg.
  • Spanish teacher. St. Etienne Episcopal College .



  • pH.D.: “Analysis and development of the cultural component in the ELE manuals, levels A1-B2”
  • “The new Spanish Intercultural School”
  • “Education and the construction of an intercultural citizenship”.
  • “Teachers: agents of social change”
  • DOSSIER: “Poésie franco-canadienne contemporaine”