Juan Bravo

Deputy Director

Hi! I am Juan Bravo, the new Director of Communication and professor at ELE USAL Strasbourg, and this is my story …




  • Master 2, Teaching Spanish as a Second Language. UNED.
  • ELE examiner accreditation.
  • Master 2, Diversity, contacts, linguistic and cultural exchanges. University of Strasbourg.
  • Master 1, European Plurilingualism and Interculturality. Diversity, contacts, linguistic and cultural exchanges.
  • Graduate of Advertising and Public Relations, Advertising and Communication applied. University of Alicante.




  • Spanish tutor. LEA license. University of Strasbourg.
  • Coordinator of level exams to obtain accrediting certificates. Unidiomas. Albacete.
  • Translation of technical documents and websites. Alsace region. Strasbourg.
  • Logistics in FORTA. Albacete.
  • Community Manager. Wagen Motors. Albacete.
  • Marketing technical. Ajusa. Albacete.
  • Community Manager. Supermoon. Albacete.
  • Graphic designer. Studio 56. Londonderry. North Ireland