New meeting system in CCSE calls

As many of you know, since October 15th 2015, a new Spanish nationality process has been activated with the entry into force of new standards and a new regulation that develops it. This new regulation indicates that all people who wish to apply for Spanish nationality must be examined by passing the CCSE exam and the DELE exam.

Last Monday, 1st June, the Instituto Cervantes reported via its website on the measures that its various CCSE examination centers will take to comply with safety guarantees and the recommendations of the health authorities.

Thus, the Instituto Cervantes, in order to help carry out the calls of the CCSE with the guarantees of capacity and security in the examination centers, launches a system of personalized meetings to carry out the tests of the CCSE from this month, June 2020.

From this call, the examination centers will be able to contact the candidates to agree with each of them on a personalized date to take the test in the days preceding the date of the official call, while the recommendations of the authorities are maintained. from each country regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.

Each examination center will be who, depending on the number of registered, will decide to implement this appointment system and who will contact each candidate, to offer them a personalized meeting to take the test.

As June 11 is the date set for the next call for the CCSE test, registered candidates could be contacted by their examination center from today until the day of the test.

The official date of the call remains unchanged, so those exam centers that do not subscribe to the meeting system will administer the test on that date.

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