People with Disabilities and Special Needs



In the academic life of any student, three daily situations are reflected, such as the itinerary and access to the class, then teaching, teaching practices and tutorials, and finally the evaluation tests.







At ELE USAL Strasbourg, we can respond to all our students with any need with the support and means at our disposal to facilitate course follow-up.




It is also important to remember that at any time you can contact us to request an individualized adaptation, or advice, etc.



Here we offer you a series of information about our school:




  • Our center does not have parking spaces reserved for vehicles for people with reduced mobility; however, the school is located in the heart of Strasbourg, just 10 meters from the Langstross Grand’Rue stop (tram D et A).


  • In the case of not being able to access our center, since it is an old building with reduced accessibility, we can offer courses using means such as Zoom, with online courses both individually and in taking lessons with the group.


  • We also offer accompaniment from the tram stop to our center, in case you need it.


  • Our school, located on the third floor, has an elevator that operates from the floor located at the access door, and goes directly to our center.


  • You will have the support of the teacher throughout the course, to help you deal with any difficulties that may arise throughout your learning. With time flexibility.


  • In addition, we can provide you with all the material in advance in online format, and we have a platform, Moodle, where we can send you the material before the lessons, facilitar el envío de las tareas, ofrecerte material de apoyo, etc.


  • Our team is committed to ensuring you have the support you need to help you learn Spanish.