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Dear student,


Spanish Language Schools University of Salamanca, S.L. is the company that manages and supports the global system of the University of Salamanca’s Spanish Language Schools for Foreigners. And ELE USAL Strasbourg bears the hallmark of the University of Salamanca in the teaching of Spanish and avail themselves of the experience and quality of USAL’s International Courses.


ELE USAL Strasbourg system is the continuation of the legacy of the University of Salamanca in the teaching of Spanish, which has been going on for 800 years. In 1492, the University of Salamanca became the cradle of Spanish with the publication of the first Grammar of the Castilian Language by Antonio de Nebrija. Since then, USAL has worked hard to promote the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.


Today, ELE USAL Strasbourg is combining the broad experience of the University of Salamanca as the “University of Spanish” with the most advanced teaching tools and methodologies.


ELE USAL Strasbourg has its own methodology and teaching manuals created by the Department of Language and Literature of the University of Salamanca. ELE USAL Strasbourg also have a personalized Computerized Management System developed by USAL.


We hope to welcoming you to ELE USAL Strasbourg in the near future.

Spanish School with the excellence and quality of the University of Salamanca

Examiner center of the Cervantes Institute (DELE, CCSE, SIELE)

Training Center

Excellent Location, in the city center