Spanish language School in Estrasburgo. The Spanish school of the University of Salamanca


Spanish Language Schools University of Salamanca, S.L. is the company that manages and supports the worldwide system of Spanish language schools for foreigners at the University of Salamanca. And ELE USAL Strasbourg has the seal of the University of Salamanca in the teaching of Spanish and transfers the experience and quality of USAL international courses


The ELE USAL franchise system is the continuation of the Spanish teaching heritage of the University of Salamanca, which has nearly 800 years of history. In 1492, USAL became the cradle of Spanish with the publication of the first Grammar of the Castilian language by Antonio de Nebrija. Since then, many efforts have been made by the University of Salamanca to promote the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.


Currently, ELE USAL Strasbourg combines this vast experience of USAL, as a university of Spanish, with the most advanced teaching tools and methodologies.


ELE USAL Strasbourg has its own methodology and teaching manuals created by the Department of Spanish Language and Literature of the University of Salamanca. ELE USAL Strasbourg has a personalized Management Information System, developed by USAL.


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