Spanish course for companies

Spanish course for companies

About this course

About this course

Spanish course for companies



Discover our Spanish course for companies in Strasbourg for all levels. Our goal is to help you learn Spanish! To that end, the Spanish Language School of the University of Salamanca in Strasbourg is a world reference in teaching Spanish.

Speaking foreign languages is a fundamental skill as far as professional training is concerned. Due to the intensification of international exchanges throughout social and professional activity, training or human resources managers and employees need practical, effective and definitive solutions when it comes to focusing their training programs on languages.


Our Spanish language courses can focus on specific needs: business, law or tourism-related Spanish, translation, DELE preparation (depending on the interests of the company and/or the worker).


We offer piecemeal and tailor-made training that meets your learning needs and requirements. Classes usually take place in our center in Strasbourg but the teacher can also come to your premises or to your home.

Study program


First, a language audit will be carried out by analyzing and reviewing all the data provided by the company to identify the linguistic needs. Thereafter, an individual level test is to be taken in order to determine the knowledge of each participant. Once these two phases are completed, homogeneous study groups will be formed.



The material used in the corporate programs will be determined according to the needs of each group and also according to our methodology.



– Attendance report: Attendance reports will be provided every month to ensure the proper follow-up of the course.


– Final report and program certificate: At the end of the program a report – in which the knowledge that has been acquired will be specified – will be issued along with an assessment of the skills of each person. A diploma will also be issued, specifying the number of course hours that have been taken and the level that has been achieved.


  • 15 HOURS / 1-2 Students

    210€ / Student
  • 15 HOURS / 3+ Students

    155€ / Student
  • 20 HOURS / 1-2 Students

    280€ / Student
  • 20 HOURS / 3+ Students

    210€ / Student


Our course begins with the first step for generating great user experiences: understanding what people do, think, say, and feel. In this module, you’ll learn how to keep an open mind while learning.

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